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Monday, April 4, 2011

Hidden Fears...

Greyhounds come to us with hidden fears.  We usually come across these fears through ordinary daily activities.

When we adopted our first Greyhound, Angie, we discovered her fear of flashlights.  We had to use the flashlight for something around the house (I don't remember what), and she quickly put her tail between her legs and ran away to hide.  Something about just seeing a flashlight instilled fear in her gentle heart.

This weekend we discovered Roxie's swatters.  Several flies got into the house this weekend because we had our back door open (so the dogs could come in and out at will).  As soon as my step-daughter picked up the fly swatter, Roxie ran in fear back outside.  We had a terrible time convincing her to come back into the house.  She was not the same the rest of the evening...watching our every move and trying to stay away from us whenever possible.

We have no idea what these beautiful animals have suffered at the hands of an owner and/or trainer.  All we can do is love them and show them they are safe.  Isn't that what any living creature wants?  Love and safety (and lots of good food, of course).  :-) Maybe also a warm bed, hot bath, someone or something to snuggle with, but I digress...

I believe that these intelligent dogs know what they have gained when they come into a forever home, but we must have patience and learn the good and the bad about them (Mostly GOOD, of course).  They return our love in abundance without asking for much in return.  They are excellent additions to any family and great companions for singles and couples.  When considering adopting an ex-racer, the important thing is find the right fit with your personality and expectations.  Learn about them and find a reputable adoption agency to help you.  If you aren't in a position to adopt a Greyhound, please consider giving a donation to your local Greyhounds as Pets agency.  They are always in need of monetary help.

Lots more topics and meandering thoughts to come.

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  1. We still can hardly pet Bandit, and we've had her for at least 4 years now. No telling what she endured those first 3 months of her life. Is so sad what happens to them before they find a loving home. At least Bandit has the other cats, and she is safe from harm.