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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Adopted by a Greyhound--Part III

Boc's Wildride.
She is a black 4-year-old who was retired because of decreasing speed not injury.  She ran 109 races with her fastest time being 30.31 seconds over a 550 yard track.

By far, Roxie is the most playful of our three Greyhounds.  She loves her squeaky toys.  She is a loving and happy dog.  She is what is affectionately called a "velcro dog"--she loves to stick to you where ever you go.  Roxie's personality is quite different from the other two.  She jumps, runs circles, and barks.  Roxie is a beautifully elegant dog.  She has deep eyes--eyes to her soul.  Roxie is a thinking dog, and you can actually see it in her deep brown eyes.

We made the trip to GAP of N.E. Florida for our second round of looking for the right Greyhound.  We came to see a few I had seen on the internet that looked interesting.  As we looked individually at the Greyhounds, the ones we thought might work for us would not.  Then I saw a beautiful black Greyhound in a top crate sitting peacefully.  I went over to her and commented that she must be an old girl because she has a white muzzle.  I was quickly informed that she was only 4-years-old.  When we took her out, she was excited and quite loving.  She and our small dog, Winnie, got along fine.  Clearly, she wanted to go home with us.  Again, we were adopted by a Greyhound.

Even with our efforts to choose a Greyhound, the process is more complex and visceral than expected--each and every time.  Listening to your heart and to the adoption coordinator along with being open-minded are essential to a successful adoption.  Rather than our choosing a Greyhound, we have been chosen by three separate Greyhounds.

Each Greyhound deserves a loving home.  Many are not so lucky after their racing careers end.  Their careers end because of injury or because they simply are not fast enough.

My husband and I have recently decided to expand our efforts to promote and support Greyhound Adoption in our local community.  We hope to educate others in hopes that more Greyhounds will go to loving homes.

We are loved by a Greyhound!


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